Thursday, April 28, 2005

4 years ago today.

April 28, 2001

It rained buckets. Water was ankle deep in places, and Key West is not known for it's drainage. We lived 5 blocks away from El Siboney, and John wanted to go there for his birthday dinner. He was in remission but the treatments had left his once barrel frame of 220 lbs down to 123. He was skeletal and unable to walk more than a few feet. So I helped him into the wheelchair he detested, and we walked. And it poured endless gallons of water on our heads. We got there and they offered us towels, and teased John by carding him for his one beer (against doctors orders). We both ate Pallomina Steak and plantains (sp?). I took him home full and contented to leftover birthday cake from the previous weekend's trip to La Tratoria's with his sister and brother in law, a much less festive affair, since they were threatening to take him out of my care. It was a simple birthday, and the next year's (and last)birthday was with his kids, and very noisy. He said the rainy birthday was his favorite.
Well baby it's raining today, but cold instead of steamy. I'm in my apartment waiting for takeout salad and Survivor to come on ( a fave of yours). I am living a life now you would never have approved of. You would not recognize me now, looks or personality wise. But know this: men may come and men may go in my life, but I will never love as fiercely as I loved, and still love, you. I will love differently, passionately, but never again fiercely. Happy birthday baby.


KR said...

Its My mother's birthday, Zez, dead these three years. There are too many coincidences in our lives.
Here's to the survivors. Cheers!

Clint said...

I find it amazing the way these things seem to have timed themselves. This seems a difficult time for many people ... I have no idea why it should have timed itslf so. I have my own issues, of course ...

Just know that despite my seeming distance and my rarity of communication, I think of you often and am with you. I support you and care about you. You are a strong woman who has survived much.