Thursday, January 13, 2005

Random acts of kindness

I just now got an instant message from someone locally who reads Ponderings. He said, " it's poetry. In so many ways. And emotionally, so incredibly intense, it feels it could scorch a person." I felt a wave of..I don't know. Flattery? Fear? Shame and guilt and pride? Humble and bewildered is a good way to describe it. Holy hell, people actually read this and get something from it? From me and my crazy life and ideas? Since I consider the written word to be the closest path into a persons mind, it is a bit ironic that someone else likes and appreciates my thoughts. It reminds me I make myself vunerable by writing. That's the point. I am a recluse by nature and astrology (Cancer with moon in Aquarius). This is my way to let people in without physical danger. But which is more dangerous? Someone in your physical space, or mental? Somewhere I read that one word, like a pebble thrown in a body of water, reverberates outward and you never know where,or what, the ripples or word will touch. This week has been a tough one, mentally an physically. So thank you, all who have written and IMed me that like and appreciate my blog. You have made me put into perspective everything around me, and feel better about my world. Thank you.