Friday, January 28, 2005

Wake UP!!!

This week has been pretty grueling. Work sucks on a daily basis. I'm still not ready for the thought of intimate company yet but working on it. An I came to the realization last night as I was stoned out of my gourd that I truly have chosen this life. I chose to let a man in who assaulted me. I choose to get my ass kicked at work because I wont make a reason to leave. Enough passiveness. I want to be a goddamn artist...So I applied to the Savannah College of Art and Design. This is a pretty prestigious art school with one of the best Historic Preservation departments in the country, though I might just say fuck it and try painting. It will be a huge personal challenge. But, as you have all read in the past, I have faced worse. How am I paying for it: don't know. What will I do if not accepted: don't care yet. The very process of trying is invigorating. I've started a painting tonight because I need a portfolio done and don't have enough work to do one. Instead of life happening I'm making it happen. So I'm invigorated. Scared. Thrilled.


Little Boy said...

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Skrambled Egghead Reborn said...

Pay no attention to Little Boy. He pastes the same comment in many blogs so they'll come to his site. He just posted one in mine here:

He's got some cool effects on there I want to learn though.