Thursday, November 04, 2004

Resources for the Struggle..

Since I am staying in this country I love to fight the Regime, I thought I might share some info for those who wish to join me...

Civil Liberties:
--The American Civil Liberties Union (
This is the one group that has stood toe to toe with this administration and won. They are battling the Patriot Act as hard as they can. The ACLU protects all assaults on the Constitution. You can join, or just register on the web site and they have an online letter system where you can email your representatives and (ahem) President directly. This is the big group to protect us here, please support them.

--Amnesty International USA ( ) This group has been fighting the good fight for human dignity and rights for decades, and have been trying to keep the current administration honest about there own failures, Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib are the most open. They choose no favorites, they fight any country committing atrocities, even our own.

Reproductive Rights:
--Planned Parenthood (
The oldest reproductive choice group in the country. They are on the front lines trying to protect choice, along with the ACLU. Abortion Rights is something Bush will go after big time, and this group have the power to fight.

--National Organization for Women ( They are on the forefront of women's rights, gay or straight. They also have the political clout to fight for reproductive, and sexual rights. This, on top of social issues such as equal pay, and other gender issues Bush has blown off.

--Greenpeace USA ( Fearless or foolhardy, Greenpeace fights for the environment with the gloves off. They like to get in the face of anyone destroying out planet, including our president. They may be extreme, but these are extreme times. Bush will tear down 20 years of environmental law, they will fight.
--Sierra Club ( They are a bit more subtle than Greenpeace, but carry as much clout. This is the oldest environmental group in the USA, and have influence in Congress.

As with the ACLU, all of these organizations have a Take Action Now Section, where you can log in and send faxes and emails for free to you legislative reps, leader, or any other entity that can be made to listen. I get malicious glee thinking about my various leaders getting faxed bombed by pissed off constituents. This is the best place to begin..Give them a try.