Monday, November 22, 2004

An average crazy two weeks

As everyone can tell, I haven't been on in while. I've kinda been on an emotional roller coaster. Met a guy, he wanted me way too fast too soon, and of course I freaked and almost blew it. Well all but blew it. Anyway it cooled as fast as it heated up, so it makes a bit of twisted sense. Been working on my embroidery, and not my painting, but art is art. I wanted to go see Gaelic Storm at Woodsongs, but they of course sold out before I could make the reservations. Never fear, I cheated and watched the netcast of it..The reason I pay my cable bill-broadband rocks. I went ahead and bought my Horton Heat ticket early, so I'm set. The holiday's are upon me once more. They suck as badly as they ever did. Thus I will have my first holidays completely alone, with my art supplies and pot and own good company. I'm trying to run a turkey trot on thurs, the Throroughbred 5000 at Keeneland, but having trouble finding a ride...A taxi will have to do in a pinch. I'm running at 7 minute stresses at a time now..I hope to make it to 10 minutes by xmas. Probably alienated Dan too. He found out I had sex since we broke up, which I guess I wasn't supposed to do since we broke up 4 months ago :P he's been moody all week, probably not all because of me but I always play my part to annoy...Its my best quality LOL.