Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Being clumsy with the Clumsy Lovers

Yes my favorite band was in town again: The Clumsy Lovers. The flew back into The Dame as they promised this summer. I went by myself since Dan has moved in with his trainwreck and her deliquents, and bailed. Typical. Anyway, the show started with an opening band familiar and new to Lexington audiences, Parlor Tricks. They are made up of members from several local bands, including Big Maracas, The Yonders, and Stoll Vaughn. They has a melancholy sound, but they were good. The second band was the Navigators, a New York 4 piece touring with CL. They had a good feeling rock sound, but the bassist stood out. Imagine Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers on a standing Bass and you have this guy. He was amazing.
Then Clumsy Lovers hit the stage roaring. If you sit still during one of their shows, you have to be comatose. They only played 2 songs from the current CD, which disappointed me, but the played the important one, Everything's OK. They played a few older pieces, and some newly written material. Andrea was incredible, her fiddle has never sounded better, and she adorable. Trevor and Chris took turns signing. Gord was solid on the kit, and the encore was Jason playing a classical piece on the banjo. Members of the Navigators even came back on stage for a song. It was rollicking and fun, a good way to forget winter's coming and the election sucked. It was a delightful time for all.


Clint said...

So whatever happened to you? Are you still around, or have you abandoned the Lexington metro area without telling me?