Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Today, I was proud to be an American, for the first time in four years. I walked to Woodland School to do my part. I Walked in and was stunned by what I saw. It wasn't the line that shocked me, I expected that. It was the age of the voters. The majority were under 30. I've participated in 4 presidential elections all over the country, and I've never seen the number of 18-25 yr. olds like I did today. It looks like most of the staff and student body old enough at the University of Kentucky participated: it's why Fayette Co. Is the most liberal in the state. They were pouring in when I left, but my wait was only 15 minutes. I suppose younger voters realized that is is probably the most important election in their lifetimes. Looks what's on the line for them: a draft, cut financial aid, no jobs when they graduate, and deep debt where the schools have to raise tuition because of budget cuts. This is the most critical decision they may make. Now true, Kerry wasn't as bold as I would have liked. I wanted Howard Dean, ass would have been kicked in government if he had made it. Kerry will play it safe, but still better than Dubya.

My wants are simple for this country. We need to get back our credibility over seas. We need to get the deficit down. We need to open up research to science and not religion. We need an equal rights amendment not only for women, but gays and lesbians too. We need to get the fuck out of Iraq. We need to catch Bin Laden. We need to be responsible with our environment and cut our oil usage--find alternative energy sources. Medical care and education must be a priority. And religion must be separated from state and politics once and for all. And the only way to accomplish this is to one day get a president who is not afraid, or crazy. Maybe in my lifetime...