Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our new house!!!!

Isn't it pretty? Our own little love shack on the hill. We came a cats ass of not getting it, but we worked it out in the end. We close tomorrow, then get ready to do the whole packing/moving thing (ick). It will be a long holiday weekend, but so worth it. At least one good thing happened this month.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

sadness and anger are good bedfellows

HAZARD KY- Ned Napier, 28, died Aug 19, 2007. Visit 6-9pm Wed. Funeral 11am Thu at Maggard's Mt View Chapel

Ned Napier is my husband Daniel's little brother. Ned put a .45 magnum pistol in his mouth Sunday morning and pulled the trigger. We will bury him tomorrow. The family is devastated, and I am furious, at him and myself. To think I almost did this to my own family. I will talk more tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

BIGDEAL first of many first...

Daniel and I have been wanting a house for a long time. For the past several months, we have been fighting to get his VA loan, to no avail. So Monday morning, after I sent him off to work, I decided to do some investigating. We had been talking about looking into an online loan, and Quicken had a good reputation, so I went online and started an online chat with a mortgage officer. 4 hours later, I got us approved for a $100,000 mortgage!!!!! I called Daniel, and he was stunned. He made me check to make sure it wasn't a wasn't. We got the approval letter today, and the letter for the real estate agent. We can start looking this weekend. This a wonderful surprise for both of us, so the carnival ride of real estate shopping begins....

Second of many firsts..

The reason for the difficulty in ready my final is that I just got contacts for the first time in my life. I have been wearing glasses for 20 years, and was always scared to try contacts, fearing I;d poke my damn eye out or something. But lately, my vision has changed to the point where I thought I needed bifocals, so I went to the optometrist to get checked. Well, guess what...I need bifocals (a genetic thing for women in my family at this age, gee thanks mom). However for shits and giggles, I asked about contacts. I found out that I would need a regular one in my right eye, and one made for astigmatism in my left, both for long range vision. For close up, I could go to Wal-Mart and get a cheap pair of reading glasses. So I paid the 30$ extra dollars to be taught how to wear the damn things, and the adventure began.
For the past week, putting in the contacts have been an ordeal in of itself. The right one, no problem. The left I have lost up in my eyeball, dropped in the sink, and it usually takes 30 minutes to put the friggin thing in when I do get it aligned right. Why, because it is misshapen for the astigmatism so it doesn't cup like a regular contact. It has given me nothing but a pain in the eye for a week. If the doctor can't give me another shape tomorrow at the appointment to try again, I might be forced to go back to glasses.
The humor in all of this is the unknown habits one picks up after wearing glasses for so long. In the past, every time my eyes got blurry, it meant I needed to push my glasses up on my face. Do you know how silly a woman looks pushing at an imaginary pair of glasses 20 or so times a day? Yeah, Daniel has had no end of fun out of it.

First of many firsts...

It has been a productive few weeks. First off, I got an official A in my class. The final was a bit more difficult, but in all I loved the online system and would take another online class in a heartbeat. Plus, my father in law now owes me dinner! The new semester starts Aug. 13, and I'm looking forward to it.