Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm a big fraidycat

I am a complete pussy. I am terrified of dentists. The reason why? I was traumatised. At 17 my wisdom teeth impacted. During the surgery to get them out, they found out I come out of general anesthesia too quickly. I felt the last wisdom tooth come out of my jaw. Somewhere I kicked a pair of flip flops across the room. My mother heard me screaming in the waiting room. The doctor acted like a jackass, saying I was a "bad patient". Then the nurse started taping my hand and said " Honey, can you FEEL THIS?!"
My mother was told the reason I was sobbing in the recovery room was that teenage girls react badly to the Valium thats given. I couldn't even tell my mom what had happened for 3 days until the swelling had gone down enough for me to speak.
So, 18 years later, I am still terrified of dentists. I have been to the dentist over the years to greater or lesser results. It took me 10 years after the trauma to go. Now its more about new dentists that frighten me. So, after waking up too early and having an anxiety attack, I cancelled my appointment. Sue me.