Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The world's oldest and fattest Suicide Girl

The title is a statement about what I seem to be turning into. As of tonight, I will be stripping my hair down to platinum blond so i can eventually get it back to red. I have had 3 hair colors in as many months. I have gotten the overwhelming urge to get a nose ring. My tastes in clothes are getting a bit emo/punk/goth in nature. For some reason, my mind is not accepting old wives tale about 35 year olds supposing to be dowdy and respectable. I actually would love to do a goth photo shoot with fake tats and piercings and actually submit my pic to Suicide Girls.

What, for the love of Pete, is happening to me? Its like I'm turning into the teenager I wanted to be but couldn't because 1) it was the late 80's when I was a teen and goths didn't exist yet, and 2) I grew up between "bumfuckegypt" and "Boy-you-have-a-purdy-mouth" area of Appalachia. My husband doesn't seem to be minding this change, he LOVES goth chicks. To put it a better way, I feel like I'm in the middle of a transformation pattern I haven't seen in a decade. Z the swinging caterpillar is mutation into he inner Goth chick. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised. Look what Ive been since adulthood, and some of these I still am:

wife twice
college student
Hotel employee
Escort (prostitute)
SCAdian (member of the Society for creative Anachronism)
ultra liberal pinko commie girl
world traveller
fibromyalgia sufferer
belly dancer
Speaker of gutteral german
Would middle aged goth chick be so out of place? Please feel free to post comments.


Lin said...

You sound perfectly normal to me !

I am 39 and a very repressed and tasteful chartered accountant.
Suddenly, out of the blue, this year I have been filled with a desire to rip all my clothes off and become a nude model. So I did. And now I'm going into fetish modelling too.
My friends think I've gone nuts.
Clearly I need new friends.

I am having so much fun ! I should have done this years ago !

Go for it Zezrie, and don't hold back !


Unknown said...

I think it’s awesome but then again, I’m the same only 45...