Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tye dyed hair

I started this hair adventure with the purest and best of intentions: I didn't want to wear a hot wig to Rockers this year. So, in my foolish innocence, I dyed it black, thinking it would be easy to fix......

I started last week by putting a red dye on the top to make it two toned. The reality was red roots and the rest still black. So, I pondered this problem this weekend and during that time I was in Wal-Mart in the hair color isles, and saw the bleaching kits. Once again, in a moment of innocence (ignorance/stupidity), i bought it and put it in last night. The black came out, but what I was left with probably has never been seen in nature before this moment.

My roots are a lovely shade of strawberry blond. From about an inch from my scalp to about 4 inches from the ends its a gorgeous copper-orange...The ends are a dark copper. My hair has a nice, waterfall effect going on. The fact of the matter is I wanted it different ...and now it is. Daniel hasn't seen it yet but thought the whole thing was hysterical.