Thursday, July 01, 2004

Signs and faith.

"Everything’s Okay (Chris Jonat)"
The Clumsy Lovers

You think – you think you think too much
But it’s not about when, it’s all about what
If you use your eyes and forsake your touch
You might hit for average but you’ll choke in the clutch

You wonder – you wonder wonderful things
So far beyond your reasoning
You throw back your head you start to sing
But you catch yourself, you get your bearings – why did you need your bearings?

You believe – believe belief’s beyond you
Belief belongs to the blessed few
You divine water and hope and the blues
But it don’t mean much when it don’t ring true

You worry – you worry words won’t work
When winged wonders wonder what you’re worth
You have strong suspicions and you’d like to be sure
If words make you sick there must be a cure – why don’t you take the cure?

Hey, everything’s okay
Put those other thoughts away
Let me hear you say, at least for today
Everything’s okay
(Live so you live the life you’re leading
If you lose the groove don’t move the groove’s repeating
If you come undone it’s from the words you’re heeding)

You’ve seen – you’ve seen scenes so serene
Like red makes you rage but you sleep to green
And you try to determine what it could mean
That it’s full and rich but pure and lean

And you sigh – size up your surroundings
See the colors and all that they bring
You try to choose from all the offerings
You get right rooted, thinking of your bearings – but then you start to sing

If you want to improve
Get your mind into a groove
And let it play
All that you have to do
Is get your mind into that groove
And try to keep it that way