Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm here.

I know I have been absent for awhile, and the blog seems to be perpetually changing lately. I guess I'm just trying to figure out the direction the blog, and maybe, my life is going. I have made the decision to try to become a nurse, something I have sworn for years I wouldn't do. I have finished the painting of Daniel, and and am drifting, trying to figure out what the next project will be. The fibro, as always, is kicking my but, and the lethargy has been particularly bad this week (especially after a bee sting on Monday, and the related epipen adventure that goes with it.) I was playing Elderscrolls Oblivion, until I realized that it was, and could in the future, take up too much of my time. Oh, did I mention the puter was out for a couple of days....

Daniel is worrying me to death. It seems that he has lost all interest in swinging, to the extent he is totally ambivalent about going to the parties this weekend. Work is wearing him down, and tonight he lashed out at me from nowhere. I cannot stay mad, because I wasn't behaving my best this weekend ( I cried almost all day Sunday). He ASKED me to make a doctor's appointment for him on Friday, when normally he has to be dragged to the doctor. He won't confide in me. I don't know whether or not to stay home this weekend and relax, or to go to the party. I admit I haven't been holding up my end in arranging play dates. I just hate to do it that way. I'd rather go to the party, have fun, and see what happens. He categorically said that if I was the only one he was going to end up playing with this weekend, he'd rather not go. I don't know what to do. Do I make him go, and have him resent it, or do I cancel the whole thing, and have him resent it.....


Lin said...

Glad that you're back, and glad that folks can post comments again.
Your last few layouts were pretty difficult to read :-)

Azra said...

Hey, Zezrie!

I hope you and Daniel are feeling better. :-)

Congrats on school! Have you thought about just taking the basic, liberal arts classes everyone needs? That way, you'd have at least a year to decide what you want to major in.

argh - just ignore that last bit if you want. These late nights are making me nosy. LOL

Tabitha said...

LOL well I have 125 credit hours already. So, from here on in, its all going to be science and Nursing classes. I'm not giving up my art, just gatting a degree that will guarantee I will always have a job.

Azra said...

You sound like me. When I graduated from Vol State, I had 151 credits. LOL

Cool deal - I can totally understand that. :-)