Thursday, October 20, 2005

A course correction..

This will probably come as a complete shock: instead of Daniel moving to Lexington, I will be moving to Pikeville, as of Nov. 2005. Hey, nobody is more surprised than I am. I long time ago, during a more hurtful time, I *swore* I would never live in Eastern Kentucky EVER AGAIN!!!!. That was 1995, and 10 years can transform a person.

It happened like this. We sat down and took a hard look at our budget, Lexington v/s Pikeville. Together in Lexington, our combined pay would be 1800 a month. In Pikeville, Daniel's pay is easily 3000, by himself. So I decided, after some long thinking, that maybe I would be better off in Pikeville. Yes, there is a downside. I cant drive, so until I do I will be stuck at home while Daniel works (2nd shift). Even though Pikeville is now a thriving metropolis compared to what it used to be, it isn't as big as Lexington. No walking to the Dame for concerts. No Kentucky Theatre for artys fartsy movies. And, since I wont be able to work outside of the house until I can drive, no outside money. Daniel will be supporting me, and that may be a bit tough for my pride to handle.

The pluses; I will be with Daniel, and Ill be able to try to be a painter full time. I am actually going to be able to hang the moniker Artist beside my name. Daniel is willing to support me, to let me try. I am thrilled and scared to death. I have no excuses to to be what I've always wanted to be. I am also going to try to start a eBay business, selling things for other people. I will be a scarily independent woman.


Chuck said...

My Dearest Friend,

Take it from me, the craziest person you know, that stepping away from the comfort of a steady paycheck to do that which makes your heart sing and your soul fly is the definitely the most terrifying and liberating thing.

There is no more difficult thing than making that first step away from the normal, mediocrity of the herd. Every step farther that you take gets easier and some day you'll wonder why you followed, in fear, everyone else towards the finality of our existance.

It is wonderful that you have someone who believes in you enough to make such a sacrifice; as your Daniel is doing, because not all of us are or have been so lucky. Swallow your pride and show your independance in your painting. Use who you are to create your masterpieces.

Like all great artists, your life is in your brush, your world is on your canvas and your soul is the inspiration that fuels your talent and makes you great. Paint because it is who you are and what you do and that which makes you happy - not for money or financial success or fame.
The greatest painters, whom the world shall never forget, did not get their fame until long after their ashes were scattered to the four winds.
You are already great in the hearts and minds of your friends and loved ones and that is the greatest success and wealth that anyone could ever truly have.

Someday, you and I will be gone, but our memory, whether on canvas or in the hearts, minds and stories of those we leave behind, makes us immortal. You are one of the most famous people in my life, already, go forth and show the world why.

I love you and shall always be just an IM or phone call away should you but need me. My support for you and Daniel is unconditional and eternal.

Your devoted redneck fan and friend,