Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Crossing a huge hurdle.

There comes a time in every woman's life when she is able to overcome a past sexual trauma, hopefully with the help of a loving man. I experienced such a case of sexual healing a few weekend's ago, with Daniel's loving, generous help. As my long suffering readers might recall, I was anally sexually assaulted in January, 2005, by an ex-boyfriend. Since, that part of my sexuality has been shut down. But then I found a wonderful, caring man I could trust with anything. A few months ago I decided enough was enough. I was tired of withholding a part of me from my husband, so we decided to act.

We started with toys, to gradually get me used to having that area touched and manipulated again. In these little play sessions Daniel was tender, slow and loving, and there always seemed to be a lot of laughter. Finally, a few weekends ago, I was so turned on I told him to slowly go for it...and he did. It was the hottest sexual experience I have had in a life full of sexual experiences. After we finished we held each other , laughed and talked well into the morning. It was magical.

I am grateful for Daniel's loving patience and forbearance during my healing process..Thank you Baby.