Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Year

My blog is now a year old. This is the longest time I've ever kept a journal, and I think its been very successful. A lot has happened. I've rolled with several punches. I have grown as a human being, a lover and an artist. I have pushed not only my personal boundaries but those of society as well. I have felt pain and caused it. I have been the victim of violence, and the gainer of blessings. I have been let down and let down others. I have fallen out of love with a jerk and back into love with a more worthy man. My all time dream is within my grasp. And yet I still feel unsure sometimes, anxious. I am restless, sometimes too much. I hope the next year of this blog lets me work out the kinks in my life, and share even more.


S said...

you visited last night. thank you and i appreciate the respect. i check out all my guests and i like you. i will continue to look in on you and you are welcome to do the same. take care.