Thursday, May 26, 2005

Jenna Jamison's words of wisdom

In her book "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star", Jenna Jamison has a section called her 10 commandments. Here is an excerpt:

"II. THOU (men) SHALT NOT speak any of the following lines:

a. 'I'll just put the head in'

b. ' So does this mean im not getting any'

c. 'We dont have to use a condom, ive never had a problem before'

d. 'what do you mean you don't want to cuddle'

e. 'my friends will never believe this'

f. ' I can put all those guys youve worked with to shame'

g. ' I ran out of money, wheres your purse'

h. ' these sex toys are basically new'

i. ' We have to be quiet my mothers sleeping'

j. ' Your tits feel almost as good as my sisters'

k. ' I swear the camera isn't on'

l . 'Well, my ex-girlfriend used to do it'

m. ' if its the police tell them i'm not home'

n. 'its not contagious anymore'

VI. THOU(men) SHALT NOT be able to take a bigger dildo than i can.

IX. THOU(men) SHALT NOT pretend like it slipped (she is referring to back-door guy who tries to put it in your butt every other stroke)"